Magic:The Gathering: Orzhov, the power of removal

As a magic player, nothing chills me more and makes me fear for my cards in play more than an Orzhov, or black and white, deck. There are a multitude of cards available to these decks that can trim down anything your opponent sends your way, even if they’re in the player’s hand or even their library.

The first card I’ll talk about is Unmake. Unmake exiles any creature for either three white mana or three black mana or a combination of either. This is a very cheap card and doesn’t require the target to be a certain color. Another good card for this purpose, is Path to Exile. This card, while costing less, allows your opponent to put a free land into play, and costs about 5 dollars for those of you that are price conscious.

The next card is a multipurpose card called Mortify. This card is fairly simplistic and for three mana, will destroy any enchantment or creature. This card frees up space for other cards instead of having to pack both enchantment and creature removal. Many plans can be foiled by this card and its widespread usage.

After you use Castigate on your opponent, they will forever fear your two mana at the beginning of the game. For a black and white mana, you can look at your opponent’s hand and exile a nonland card from it. This can ruin a combo an opponent may be saving up for and get an early advantage by seeing what your opponent has. Gerrard’s Verdict may also fill that niche by forcing your opponent to discard two cards early game, and it may also possibly net you some extra life.

Are you playing one of your friends worried that he might play his trump card and end the game? Well worry no more with Seek. For just as much mana as castigate, you can search your opponent’s deck for a card and exile it. Haunting Echoes can achieve the same effect by removing your opponents graveyard and exiling all copies of those cards from the game.

Removal will make your opponents fear you and give you a great chance to set up in a game of Magic: The Gathering. To buy all these cards, I went to so I could get them for cheap, especially barely played cards for much less money for those price conscious of us. Thank you for reading! Enjoy!

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