Magic: The Gathering Equipment Power

Equipments have been a staple in Magic: The Gathering ever since the dawn of powerful artifacts. They have been stronger in some sets than in others, and I will talk about a few very potent artifacts in Magic: The Gathering today. Equipments are best suited for beefing up weak creatures, and none do it better than these cards:

Basilisk Collar: This card turns any expendable creature into a killing machine potentially on turn two. Its price tag reflects this value, unfortunately, and it is rare to see these in the decks of those more price conscious.

Infiltration Lens: This card is another cheap equipment that can net you some early cards into your hand. Many opponents will think twice before blocking a card equipped with this.

Whispersilk Cloak: This card makes the equipped creature unblockable and gain shroud, potentially making any card game winning.

Argentum Armor: This card costs a lot of mana, but turn any creatures into a relentless force, giving it +6/+6 and the ability to destroy any permanent on an attack.

Grappling Hook: This card gives any creature double-strike and the ability to choose a blocker. Giving this to a powerful creature, and possibly creating a combo with Basilisk Collar’s deathtouch or Infiltration Lens’ drawing ability.

Helm of KaldraShield of Kaldra and Sword of Kaldra: These cards, while very potent on their own, turn any creature into an unstoppable machine. When all three are out, they are able to create a 4/4 and equip themselves to it for just one mana.

Quietus Spike: This is another card that also grants deathtouch, while also taking away half your opponent’s life if it deals damage to that player. It creates more provocation to be blocked.

General’s Kabuto: This card grants any creature shroud and the ability to take any amount of combat damage dealt to it, virtually making it indestructible.


There are so many more equipments available in Magic: The Gathering, so pick your favorites and make a deck! You can buy these cards on for cheap prices with many opportunities for rewards and discounts. Have Fun!

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