Tips for playing a Two Vs Two in Magic: The Gathering

About 10 of my friends play Magic: The Gathering, so a great many of the games I play are two-headed giant. Well, I use the term two headed giant, but we edit the rules regarding certain cards to make them fairer or more balanced where they would otherwise not be. Here are some tips about playing two headed giant, and the kind of decks that would compliment this game style.

For starters, speed is overrated here. An aggro deck in a 2v2 loses a lot of steam due to the starting life of 30 and the double amount of blockers a player has. Late game decks perform much more potently because they are able to set up their win conditions before your opponent has a chance to overcome both player’s defenses. Other decks, such as those who rely on removing creatures or discarding cards, have to deal with twice the amount of cards in hands, and twice the amount of creatures.

My friend’s wall deck uses Doran, the Siege Tower and Wakestone Gargoyle to tear apart any player with some cheap, yet ruthlessly powerful walls and other creatures with defender. It performs extremely well in the 2v2 environment, but lacks in a 1v1 due to slowness in inability to do damage early game.

My Black/White removal deck, although potent in a 1v1 match because of its ability to destroy a player’s hand very quickly and remove any creatures early, does rather poorly because of the amount of threats it has to now handle.

The 2v2 field of battle is a different game, and a player has to be prepared to play as a team, holding back on a Wrath of God when they normally would have played it.

One card, however, is banned in Two Headed Giant. Erayo, Soratami Ascendant is a card banned due to the ease of its requisite being met. Combined with Arcane Laboratory it will lead to victory 99.9% of the time.

I recommended that you and some friends play 2v2 games, as they are a good way to learn skills and tips from each other. I buy my cards on because of their cheap prices and excellent rewards programs. Enjoy!

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