Magic the Gathering: Scars of Mirrodin Draft

Recently I competed in a Scars of Mirrodin draft, and I won due to few cards. I will go over those cards and explain their benefits.

Exsanguinate– This card can make you win a game where a stalemate has stretched the game out and you have a lot of mana. I was able to use myr and a lot of mana to deal 11 damage and give myself 11 life.

Flesh Allergy– This card lets you sacrifice a creature and kill an opponent’s, then deals damage to the opponent based on the amount of creatures that have went into the graveyard this turn. Creates a nice combo with Blistergrub, who deals 2 damage when he goes into the graveyard. This is an effective form of creature control and a good way to get off residual damage.

Trigon of Corruption– This card is an excellent way to still control the board while drawing off of the top of your deck. By being able to put -1/-1 counter on a creature every other turn, you can control a rare, flier, or another powerful creature.

Nim Deathmantle– This is an awesome equipment for a few reasons. The first being that it gives a creature +2/+2 intimidate. Attaching this to a powerful creature can make it a nearly unblockable menace. Also, if any of your creatures die, including the equipped one, you can pay 4 and bring it back to play. This also means I could sacrifice cards to Culling Dais to get extra draws without actually sacrificing anything.

Soliton– Soliton is a 3/4 for 5, which has a pretty nifty ability. You can tap an island to untap Soliton. Giving this the Deathmantle can make it a nice attacker and a nice blocker.

Glint Hawk Idol– This card is a 2/2 flier if you play an artifact or if you pay 1 white mana. It can do a lot of residual damage over time, showing that flying creatures are insanely useful in drafts.

Enjoy a draft with your friends, and buy a box off of where you can enjoy discount prices and amazing rewards programs. Enjoy!


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