Magic: The Gathering Quest Enchantments

In the Zendikar block, Wizards introduced a new type of enchantment with the quest mechanic. While the enchantments themselves were no different than any regular enchantment, the all fit the formula:

  1. Meet a condition
  2. Gain a quest counter
  3. Get a certain number of quest counters
  4. Unlock an awesome effect

They can be very potent at times, and entire decks can be built around one of these cards. I will now go over a few of my favorites and discuss their practical applications within the metagame.

Archmage Ascension (U) gets a quest counter every time you draw more than one card a turn. At six quest counters, this card becomes absolutely insane. Instead of drawing cards, you can search your library for exactly what you need and take it, every single time you draw. The major downside to this card is the difficulty it is to achieve this quest. In the most optimal game, it will max out after turn 9, and by that time it will most likely become destroyed.

Beastmaster Ascension (G) gets a quest counter every time you attack with a creature, with multiple attacking creatures granting multiple counters. When this card has 7 or more quest counters on it, it gives every creature you control +5/+5. This is a card that can ruin the day of any player without control or removal, because before they know it, their opponent’s creatures turn into unstoppable machines, such as a 0 drop for a 6/6 Memnite.

Bloodchief Ascension (B) gets a quest counter whenever an opponent loses two or more life in a turn. After three counters, if a card would go from anywhere to an opponent’s graveyard, that player loses 2 life. This ability can really hurt a player who relies on threshold, or give your discard and mill some extra sting. For only one mana this isn’t a hard card to get out and active, and can really ruin an instant or sorcery heavy deck.

Luminarch Ascension (W) gets a quest counter after every one of your opponent’s turns you weren’t dealt damage. After 4 counters, you can pay 2 and put a 4/4 angel with flying into play, a possible game ender if your opponent hasn’t done any damage in 6 turns. This card works very well in control decks, because of the ability to prevent damage.

I hope you enjoyed my report on some of my favorite quest enchantments. If you are thinking about making a deck with one of these, I recommend visiting for these cards and more, all with great rewards and cheap prices. Enjoy!


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