Magic: The Gathering 5 of the Best Equipments in the Game

#1: Umezawa’s Jitte
At first glance this seems like a fairly innocent equipment, but at closer inspection one can see that this card is so versatile and cheap that it makes even the smallest creatures powerful. It can also be used to give your enemy’s creatures -1/-1 until end of turn which can be devestating against aggro decks. With two charge counters per combat the power of this card gets stronger and stronger. It makes sense that it is around $20.00 a pop. It’s up to you if it’s worth it to shell out $80.00 for a playset.

#2: Skullclamp
This card was first designed to give a creature a quick boost in power and a decrease in defense with the reasoning that an opponent would be less likely to destroy it if you drew 2 cards when it died. But, instead it became an abuseable tool to sac 1/1’s to draw a lot of cards. This lead to it being banned very quickly (while it was standard).

#3: Sword of Fire and Ice
For a measly 3 mana to play and 2 to equip, your creature can get +2/+2, two nifty abilities that resolve when your opponent gets hit by your creature and protection from red and blue. The 2 abilities are:
1-Deal 2 damage to target creature or player
2-Draw a card
This a very solid card that was very popular in standard at the time, and for good reason.

#4: Lightning Greaves
This equipment is the spawn of crazy number infinite combos. The infinite combos stem from its  0 equip cost that allows to be moved from creature to creature for no cost. 1 notable infinite combo that spawns from this is:
The Greaves-Starlit Sanctum Combo.
You need:
1-Any creature you want
2-Daru Spiritualist
3-Starlit Sanctum
4-Lightning Greaves

Just pass the equipment back and forth between the creature and the Daru Spiritualist each time the spiritualist gets equipped it gets +0/+2. So after a million times it becomes a 1/2000000 or something crazy like that. Then just sack it with the Starlit Sanctum to gain 2000000 life. From then on, you’re pretty much set!

Oh and it also gives you haste and shroud!

#5: Basilisk Collar
This is probably the simpilist equipment on the list, it’s very straightfoward and powerful. Lifelink AND Deathtouch is a potent mix. With deathtouch and tap ability that deals 1 damage or more will destroy pretty much anything. And at such a low mana cost, this equipment is not hard to get out.

This is not in any particular order and may not include all of the “best” equipments around. But I think this is a pretty solid list and I hope you think so too! You can get these cards and more for discount prices on Enjoy!

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