Magic: The Gathering: My Experience with a Kuldotha Red Deck

Kuldotha red decks are very fast decks. They are turn 2-5 win aggro decks. They involve dropping a great amount of creatures for very little and very early on. They can be inconsistent at times, say if you don’t get a very good first hand, but they can be deadly if you do. I will go over some cards that make the deck what it is.

Memnite/Ornithopter both are 0 drop artifact creatures and are good for mounting an early offensive. They can also be used as fodder for Kuldotha Rebirth.

Mox Opal/Chimeric Mass are two other 0 drop artifact. The mox may allow a first turn 2 mana, which can be very helpful, and the mass is mostly used as Kuldotha fodder or metalcraft for your opal.

Kuldotha Rebirth is an awesome card for overwhelming someone with goblins. Taking out one of your own 0 drops so that you can tear through them next turn is a great trade off.

Goblin Bushwhacker is a pretty nice goblin when you play him for 1 and kick him for 1, he gives all your creatures +1/+0 and haste. First turn Rebirth and then this second turn will put off 8 damage.

Contested War Zone is a new land from besieged that when tapped with an extra mana, you can give all your attacking creatures +1/+0. It is an incredibly potent card, and they can ruin someone’s day with their uncounterability.

Goblin Guide is a 1 drop goblin for a 2/2 haste. Its semi drawback is that when it attacks, you reveal the top of your opponent’s library, and if it’s a land, you put it into their hand. It is useful in possibly seeing what your opponent will draw next.

Signal Pest is a 1 drop artifact creature that has battle cry and can only be blocked by fliers or creatures with reach, making it hard to block and kill. It also is immune to a Go for the Throat.

This deck, while being unreliable, is a huge threat to any deck not suitable to handle it.

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