Magic: The Gathering, Worst Cards of All Time

Over the years, there have been quite an expansive amount of Magic: The Gathering cards, and because of this, some of them are bound to be really good and will go down in Magic history with their enormous price tags (Black Lotus and the Power 9), while others are so bad, that they are the torment of any Magic player hoping to get a good rare. Today, I will focus on the latter, and name some of the cards in my opinion, which are the worst ever printed.


Wood Elemental- This is the worse creature ever printed in MTG. It costs four mana and comes into play with +1/+1 counter on it for each untapped forest you sacrifice when you play it. Untapped. Sacrifice. Forest. It can be minimally a 1/1 for 5 mana and the cost of sacrificing a forest. Why they would ever print something that was only good for toilet paper is beyond me, but this card is grade A crap.


Chimney Imp- This card is a 1/2 Flier with a marginal graveyard ability at the cost of 5 mana. It is not worth its cost in the slightest, but it has evolved into a kind of “three wolf moon” meme among Magic players. If you look at the Gatherer comments for Chimney Imp, you will notice that they are oddly positive. Very positive in fact. I enjoyed reading through the overly positive comments about this laughably bad card.


Deep Water- This card, for two blue mana, lets you pay U to make all your land produce U. If you were able to get this thing out, in most cases, you will have enough blue mana to play anything you like. It is mostly a dead draw, and you have to pay to use its effects every turn.


These are a few of the cards, in my opinion, which are the worst ones ever printed. You can get these cards (for whatever reason) and more at where you can find low prices and great rewards programs.


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