Magic: The Gathering: New Phyrexia Speculation

Well, the jury is in and the new and final set for the Mirrodin Block is going to be New Phyrexia. To be honest, after all the defeats Phyrexia suffered they needed a win to become villains in the Multiverse again (along with Nicol Bolas.) The details are just coming in, but it appears that there will be a set of Praetor cards. The white one has been released, but I’ll get into that later.

First of all, what will become of our Intrepid Planeswalkers Koth, Venser, and Elspeth? Will any of them die? Or will the have to flee Mirrodin (New Phyrexia) knowing that they failed the plane? It doesn’t seem like Koth would be a planeswalker to run away, so maybe he will die at the hands of the Phyrexians. It probably wont be very easy on Elspeth to watch the horrors of Phyrexia either. We will have to wait and see when the accompanying story is released.

Along with the announcement, pictures of the Praetors have been revealed, and none of them fail to disappoint with the artwork. It also appears that instead of using black mana and artifacts, the Phyrexians on “Mirrodin” have access to all colors of mana, but at the cost of being split into five separate factions, all with their own ideologies.

White believes in a fascist unified state

Blue believes in experimentation to exploit weakness and undermine the enemy (In typical Blue fashion)

Green believes that only the strongest will survive, and the weak shall be consumed as the strong get stronger (Giant creatures? That’s nothing like Green)

Black believes in the old Phyrexian doctrine of genocide and assimilation

Red believes in the creation of larger and larger war machines to crush enemies (I can’t wait to see some of the creations that Wizards come up with)

One giant question, however, will be if Karn is made into a card, and if so, what side he will be on?

We will have to wait and see whether the invasion sticks, and the effect this will have on the multiverse. To buy these cards and more when they come out, visit to get great quality cards with discount pricing and many rewards services.


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