Magic: The Gathering: Spoiled New Phyrexia cards

Along with the announcement that the new set of the Scars of Mirrodin block will be named New Phyrexia, some cards were leaked, and today I will go over their uses and rate their implications.

The first of these cards is Suture Priest. It is a lot like many other cards which give you 1 life when you get a creature into play, but with the Phyrexian flavor of making your opponent lose life when they get a creature. It isn’t a very competitively viable card, but it could make the difference in a game of limited. Overall, a very cool card flavorwise and artworkwise, but we have yet to see it in action.

The second of these cards is Pristine Talisman. It is a mana producer that grants one life and one mana when it taps. Again, it isn’t an incredibly useful next to its cousin Everflowing Chalice, due to the cheaper cost and better versatility, but the life gain can be useful at times. Not competitively viable, but one of the few life gain mana producers.

The last and coolest of those cards has been revealed to be Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. “She” is one of the five colored Praetors that rule over New Phyrexia, and her art is arguably one of the coolest ever printed. Her ability far outranks her art, not only giving her own creatures +2/+2, but giving enemy creatures -2/-2, deadly to any creatures who rely on evasion to survive. She is on the expensive side, however, but when she is out she can be completely devastating, due to her bulk and amazing ability. While not completely viable in constructed play, she is an incredible card in limited, and will most likely single-handedly win games.

The cards can be seen here and when New Phyrexia arrives on shelves, you can purchase cards on where you can find discount prices and great rewards programs. Enjoy!

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