The 5 Worst Rares in New Phyrexia

Just this past weekend, was the Magic: The Gathering Pre-Release event for the new set, New Pherexia. The new set features some awesome new mechanics and some old favorites from the block. However, with each set comes rares and mythics that nobody wants. Let’s take a look at the top 5 awful rares in New Phyrexia.

#5: Chancellor of The Forge

The chancellor cycle is well known to be okay at best, its cards like this that soil the chancellor title. Just think, you get this in your opening hand; you reveal it, and BAM!

You get a…1/1 goblin. Sigh. The only deck that would run this is an aggro deck, but at 7 mana and a sub-par ability, it’s NEVER worth it.

#4: Soul Conduit

If you are ever in the position of needing to switch life totals with another player, you might as well just try to kill them. A six-mana drop, with an expensive and pretty bad ability is far less effective than almost anything else. Basically this card requires that you barely hurt the other player, while they pound you, so that maybe you can switch life totals. This is quite disappointing.

#3: Invader Parasite

This is almost in the same boat as the last set’s Galvanoth. It seems like it has a good ability, until you realize you’re paying 3RR for a bolt-bait (anything-bait, really) and its ability basically hinges on your opponent playing mostly basic lands, which y’know ALWAYS happens. Maybe it’ll counter Valakut ramp, which NEVER carry any burn.

#2: Xenograft

This is a tribal card with little uses in limited and normal standard play. Now, if it was white you could justify using it with the new golem “tribe,” but it’s blue so you could maybe make a myr tribal with a myr galvanizer. Needless to say, this is not the rare you want to pull.

#1: Omen Machine

This is another expensive artifact with an ability that “counters” draw decks. Its ability however has the nifty benefit of being as consistent as a blind man with a rocket launcher. If you want you opponent to drop huge creatures for nothing while you dilly-dally with lands, this card is for you

So, in short, most of us will end up with at least one of these, the real challenge will be to prove me wrong and make one of these cards a winner. I hope to do the same myself.

If you happen to, you can easily pick up a very cheap copy at

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