The Legend of the Chimney Imp

When most people talk about Magic: The Gathering today, they think of power creep. Whether or not their arguments are legitimate, there is one card that stands alone to disprove it in every sense of the word: Chimney Imp. Hailing from the original Mirrodin set, one would expect that this would be a very powerful card. How wrong that was. It is a 5 CMC 1/2 flier that has this ability: When Chimney Imp is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, target opponent puts a card from his or her hand on top of his or her library. Not so good, huh? Well, its absurd mana cost and terrible ability have caused it to be the butt of endless MTG jokes, rivaled only by Storm Crow.


Some Gatherer users said this of the legendary Chimney Imp:

For you crybabies whining about the casting cost, you’re completely forgetting that you get to untap those five lands on your VERY NEXT TURN with no drawback whatsoever.

Also, it absolutely obliterates your opponent’s pace if it dies – but good luck trying to kill it, because it’s immune to Deathmark.

 I once pulled this card out to an officer, instead of my license. He immediately apologized for pulling me over, and let me go.

It’s even strictly better then Black Lotus. Black Lotus may untap for free as well, but does it have Flying? No!

So, every once and a while Wizards lets us forget about powercreep, by printing cards like this they either forget what standards their current cards are held to, or they just have a really good sense of humor. Needless to say, this won’t be seeing much legacy or vintage play, and if it does, only ironically. If you wish to re-live the awfulness of this card, you can get it on for a very, very low price.

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