Blood Moon and Legacy

Blood Moon and Legacy

Blood Mood is generally that card that people see and are like: “So what?” As soon as you get into the Legacy format, you can really hose decks that rely heavily on non-basic lands. The decks that can make use of this card are Big Red and other burn decks. This card can literally shut down decks that have complicated mana bases or multiple non-basics. It saw a somewhat “recent” reprint as Magus of the Moon, which adds Blood Moon‘s effect to an efficient beat stick. This is a solid side-board card that can easily turn a defeat into a victory. Usually, lands like Tolarian Academy and Gaea’s Cradle dominate games and allow for some incredibly unfair interactions, but with Blood Moon they are just useless mountains. The same goes for hosing all man-lands which can no longer use their effects to blast away the other player. And most importantly Dark Depths can no longer just decimate someone early on, as it will just tap for R. So next time you put that dual land in your deck, just remember that you could be the next one Blood Moon-ed by your opponent.

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