Magic: The Gathering Top 7 Random Card 4

Today I will be using a feature on gatherer to take 7 random cards in the history of Magic: The Gathering and rank them and state the reason. Here are the cards:


Angry Mob, Drudge Skeletons, Faerie Macabre, Broodwarden, Eye of the Storm, Festering Goblin, Extruder


7. Angry Mob – A terrible card last seen in fourth edition. If on the chance you are playing a legacy deck that is mono-black and actually running swamps, you can get a 6/6 trample for 4. Of course, fighting a black deck is asking your creature to die. There are hundreds of other cards you can use, such as Commander Eesha.


6. Eye of the Storm – I first got this card when I was somewhat newer to Magic (I started in the first Mirrodin) and it was so confusing to me I just gave up on it. It is mediocre at best, because it costs way too much and helps everyone. It also becomes annoying when counterspells are thrown into it.


5. Extruder – This card is a poor man’s Arcbound Ravager. It is completely ruined by its echo cost. You would be hard pressed to find a good spot for it in any deck.


4. Broodwarden – I have never seen an Eldrazi Spawn beatdown deck, but it would certainly be cool in a Rise of the Eldrazi draft. Still a mediocre card, but it could turn chump blockers into something much better.


3. Faerie Macabre – This card is a solid 2/2 flier for 3, but it wouldn’t be this high on any list if it weren’t from one of the best tribes in magic. You can use its second effect if you really want to counter dredge or recursion.


2. Festering Goblin – This card is not as good as Fume Spitter, but it can somewhat do what Mogg Fanatic used to be able to do. It is a solid 1 drop, yet still not a terribly great card.


1. Drudge Skeleton – Drudge Skeleton is only as useful as its regenerate ability, which is extremely useful in limited. I would not have it up this high if all the other cards weren’t this average at best.


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