Magic: The Gathering Top 7 Random Cards 3

Random card Top 7 list:


Today I will be using a feature on gatherer to take 7 random cards in the history of Magic: The Gathering and rank them and state the reason. Here are the cards:


Capture of Jingzhou, Icatian Moneychanger, Demolish, Tangle Wire, Ashen Powder, Barbed Foliage, Darksteel Citadel


7. Icatian Moneychanger – This card is pretty bad, the fact that you have to sacrifice it during your upkeep means that you likely won’t make any returns on the card. If you are looking for a lifegain effect such as this, I would recommend Golden Urn instead.


6. Demolish – It isn’t a terrible card, but there aren’t many reasons to combine Shatter and Stone Rain. If your deck needs one or the other it will run one or the other. The fact it is a sorcery is also somewhat debilitating.


5. Barbed Foliage – This card is really only useful for its second ability, which is nice to deal with aggro decks. There are better cards for doing so, but if you ever get attacked by an army of 1/1 flankers, you can always turn to this card.


4. Ashen Powder – Ashen Powder may cost one less than Beacon of Unrest, but it can’t be used on Artifacts and can’t be used on your own graveyard. Overall, it’s a nice spell to have, but there are better cards to use for this effect.


3. Darksteel Citadel – This isn’t so high because of its indestructibility but because of the fact it is an artifact land. These cards are the ones that enabled affinity decks to dominate the metagame. Your better of using one of the colored artifact lands, however.


2. Tangle Wire – This Winter Orb-esque card is really nice for locking down your opponents. If you played a Phyrexian Dreadnaught and a Stifle the turn before, you were pretty much set to hit your opponent for over 20 damage


1. Capture of Jingzhou – This card may not have made it this high on the list if it weren’t the Portal Three Kingdoms version of Time Warp, but it is a solid card. An extra turn is always welcome, because it acts like an extra draw, combat and land at the least.


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