Three of the Most Unfair Lands Ever Printed

Three of the Most Unfair Lands Ever Printed

#3: Gaea’s Cradle

Gaea’s Cradle is one of those cards that makes perfect sense from a flavor standpoint, but just takes it to a whole new level. When this card was first printed, not many people realized just how destructive this land could be. Once creature tokens were thrown into the mix, you could literally tap this land for 10 or more mana, which is absolutely unfair. The amount of mana can be used for almost anything including X spells like Fireball and the like. Predictably, it was banned in the Urza’s block for being degenerate.

#2: Strip Mine

Like Necropotence, this card has been banned for so long, it is essentially worthless. You could easily pick up a copy for maybe 3 or 4 dollars. But, that is just a testament to its power. This land can just destroy any land, which is just horrifically unfair, not even including Crucible of Worlds. Obviously, this was realized early because this land has been banned for a very, very long time.

#1: Tolarian Academy

This can be clearly called the most unfair land Wizards has ever printed. It provided the best ramp for the best color in magic, Blue. Even before artifact lands, this card dominated with a combination of: moxes, 0-drop artifacts and mana crypt etc. It was quickly banned because it made blue so overpowered. Even worse is how it combos with a lot of other cards for infinite mana, such as Rings of Brighthearth and Mind Over Matter. Needless to say, it dominates in vintage but thankfully not Legacy.

If you want your very own unfair land to play vintage with, the place to buy it is:

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