Magic: The Gathering Top 7 Random Card 6

Today I will be using a feature on gatherer to take 7 random cards in the history of Magic: The Gathering and rank them and state the reason. Here are the cards:


Jund Battlemage, Stabilizer, Seedling Charm, Fertile Imagination, Safe Passage, Talas Researcher, Warp Artifact


7. Stabilizer – This card prevents a player from cycling cards. Cards like these that hose abilities that hardly ever see play are never any good. This card will most likely sit there burning a hole in your sideboard spot


6. Warp Artifact – This is also a really bad card. While one life per turn can be nice, it is certainly never game ending or threatening. For this mana I would recommend using Sign in Blood or another useful spell. Also, the fact that it doesn’t even prevent the artifact from being used is also a huge deterrent, despite having warp in the name


5. Seedling Charm – Seedling Charm is a very old utility spell. For one mana you can regenerate a green creature, give one trample or bounce an aura. It isn’t spectacular, but it isn’t useless either. However, may I suggest Rancor instead?


4. Fertile Imagination – This card is a little too unpredictable to be good. Hopefully its four saprolings for four mana, but it can be worse. There are better cards that can produce 1/1 creatures, but maybe you can combo with life and limb to get a lot of mana ramp.


3. Safe Passage – This card fits nicely into the white theme of protection and damage prevention. You can have some cool combat tricks such as attacking with an evenly matched army and then drop this to make sure only your guys live. It’s an okay card, with some applications in limited.


2. Jund Battlemage – This card shows the flavor of one of the best shards in the Alara block. You can use it as a utility, but the green effect is better than the black. It is nice to have a creature able to create things to be devoured.


1. Talas Researcher – No one can argue that drawing cards is nice. While this card may just be an overpriced archivist, it still gives you a card a turn, and no one can argue with logic with that.


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